Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

After a long, and absolutely gorgeous summer out here in the Pacific Northwest, I'm finally accepting that it's time to put away the flip-flops and settle into the Fall!! If you're planning a Fall Wedding, what better way to embrace this fabulous season than to celebrate the rich colors that come along with it. From the turning leaves to the pumpkins and gourds, color inspiration is all around and ripe for the picking!

I decided to look to none other than the master on this one, as I stumbled across some beautiful spreads from the Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2009 issue. It's incredible how the color orange can warm up just about any setting. Pair it with a touch of honey or gold and a warm neutral, add the glow from the candles, and your guests aren't going to want to leave!

QUICK TIPS: Colors like gold, honey, and orange are known to make people feel comfortable and warm. This color palette is not only great for a cozy event setting, but it would be spectacular in your dining room as well! These warm and inviting colors will stimulate your quests appetite and open up the conversation. Cool colors like blue and gray will decrease your appetite and make you more quiet and tranquil, which makes it the perfect pallet for a bedroom or bathroom.

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