Thursday, March 18, 2010


Whether you're having a traditional Church ceremony or a Garden Party in the backyard, programs are a fantastic way to tell the story of your Wedding, and to introduce your guests to everyone who's involved. And after having grown up in an Irish Catholic household, trust me, if you're having a traditional Catholic ceremony, you're going to want to give your guests some reading material!

I've of course always been a fan of programs and pretty paper, but I for sure struggled with designing a functional program that would be environmentally friendly and not as wasteful as the typical options. After countless mock-ups and many different designs I've come up with a solution that I think that you'll all love!! I found this fantastic ribbon from Of the Earth in Seattle, made from recycled and vegetable dyed, handmade paper. So not only will your programs look fabulous! but you'll be able to recycle or compost the entire program!! And if you're looking for a more formal look, I'm offering a gorgeous, vegetable dyed double faced satin ribbon, that's completely non toxic. The programs are also printed on 30-100% recycled paper and printed with an energy efficient digital printer. Plus, I've designed them to have an extremely efficient paper yield, so there will be no paper waste turning the production process, which is generally unheard of in the stationery industry!

You can purchase these little lovelies through my Etsy shop, at Assembled programs range from $3.00-$2.25 each depending on quantity. And if you're looking to save some cash I sell them unassembled as well, with prices ranging from $2.50-$1.75 each! And you can customize your programs at no additional charge! Choose from my ink, paper, and ribbon swatches to coordinate your programs with your event decor.

And to beat the Spring and Summer
Wedding rush I'm offering FREE Shipping on programs for the months of March and April. Plus if you join my blog, or inquire about a quote, before March 31st. I'll automatically give you an additional 5% discount on your program order!! By joining my blog you'll be privy to all sorts of fabulous deals throughout the season, so join today and save!

I'm also very proud to say that these earth friendly programs were featured in Southern New England Weddings Magazine! Click on the link for "Sarah & Chris 7.11.09" fourth row down, and second to the right to read more!!

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